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located in Fredericksburg, Virginia

⋒Photographing Fredericksburg + beyond


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Hi friend, thanks for stopping in! I'm so glad you've made it to this page. I love getting to know people which is exactly why turning client relationships into friendships is so important to me.

here's a little bit about me:

✿ My name is Else, pronounced el-suh *insert puns about the movie Frozen here* I was named after my great-grandmother Else who was from Norway.

✽ The two most important things about me: I am a wife to James + a mom to Sophie Grace. I met James when he was stationed at Langley AFB in Virginia and I had just graduated college. I almost bailed on our first date because I wasn't interested in having a boyfriend but by the end I knew I was going to marry him + we were engaged less than a year later. We had our first baby, Sophia, in August 2020 and getting to be her mom is the greatest joy or my life. 

❁ The beach is my happiest place on earth. I have always lived by the water and can't imagine living anywhere else. 

✿ We have two dogs (Brax + Harper) and a cat (Bailey) and I am absolutely that fur mom who buys their fur children birthday cakes and has a million ridiculous nicknames for them.

✽ Would this really be an "about me" if I didn't tell you my enneagram? I'm an enneagram 2w3 so I strive to be a people pleaser. I love helping the people I love + making others feel loved.

❁ My other favorite things: Jesus, collecting seashells, tacos, sunshine, nontoxic living, Gilmore Girls, Target, interior design, + glowy sunsets.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I'd love to connect via email, instagram, or over a coffee date.♡


Else was so amazing, friendly, welcoming, & easy to talk to! I felt like I knew her the second we said hello. She knew how to work with my rambunctious son and not so photo friendly husband lol. I was so nervous we weren’t gonna have any good pictures because everyone was all over the place! I’m in awe with how amazing and beautiful they came out. She made my maternity sunset pictures come to life!


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