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Eli + Tyler, Navarre Beach

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

"EVERY couple should do this as a mandatory date!" -Eli

I completely agree! I love when couples treat their time during shoot like they're on a date together. It allows me to get to know you as a couple and also capture the most genuine connection between the two of you. We spent our time together playing on the beach, getting super sandy + wet, and searching for seashells and it was a blast.

Aside from being the sweetest couple ever, they both have super cool jobs. Tyler is a nurse and Eli just recently opened her own Etsy shop (@emeraldcoastshells) and started selling her handmade jewelry in local shops. Her super cute earrings and hair clips are made from shells found on our very own Navarre Beach (already snagged myself a pair of both!) She also knows the name of practically every shell in our area and I learned that the names "pocket shell" and "unicorn horn shell" actually aren't the proper names of my two favorites (lol).

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