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images that make you feel.

i do this thing when i go back to my childhood home where i seem to get lost for hours going through the thousands of photos in old shoe boxes (fancy, right). these pictures include memories of my life with my siblings, parents, grandparents, and life before I even existed. these photos tell a story and paint a picture of our lives and going back through them creates a memory that feels like home, a memory that i can feel. 

this is the exact feeling i want you to have when you go through your final gallery. when you look at your photos they'll make you feel. you'll remember the love you felt during your shoot, the comfort you felt, and the laughs you shared. i want these to be the photos you show your grandkids one day when you talk about the "good 'ol days" and fill the walls of your home with because they express who you are so genuinely.

sound like what you're looking for? 

hi + welcome!

My name is Else and I'm here to document your love in a way that is true to life and true to you, with a touch of golden, filmy vibes.  I'm a storyteller located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
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Capturing love is a passion of mine- whether its between you and your significant other or your family, I
 want my lens to be a window into the story of your heart and love that you share.
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